The Estate

Winemaking tradition has always been a permanent feature of the Tenuta Scrafana, set within the unique landscape of the Montevarchi hills, and the agricultural calling of this land is attested by history.

Indeed, the Tenuta Scrafana has been around since ancient times, and today 20 of its 50 hectares of land are vineyards. It also includes approximately 300 olive trees as well as a small, precious orchard of ancient tree varieties. 


Every single Scrafana product is a tribute to this magnificent land, and especially to the town of Montevarchi. That’s why the prehistoric elephant was chosen as the Estate’s symbol. This magnificent pachyderm, which roamed the area around two million years ago, with its fossil remains preserved in the Museo Paleontologico di Montevarchi (Montevarchi Paleontological Museum), encapsulates the unique magic of a “middle-earth” that’s steeped in history and culture which, since the dawn of time, has seen the passage of heroes, wayfarers and pilgrims. One of them was the great Hannibal who travelled across Italy with elephants to challenge Rome. 

The land is truly unique. In the heart of the hill on which the Estate stands, in an area where a lake once stood during the Pleistocene era, there are soils of varying textures, from sandy loam to sandy clay, both deep or shallow, which are skeletal throughout. The nature of the terrain together with the hillside location, its exposition and the microclimate, with its significant night/day temperature variations, enable the cultivation of a variety of high quality produce. The company philosophy, founded on the use of environmentally friendly techniques, is particularly geared towards the attainment of high quality grapes, with perfect technological and phenolic ripening.

As well as the cultivation of the vines, the presence of a precious orchard of ancient tree varieties, an olive grove and forest, water courses and wild species all contribute to maintaining and developing an important biodiversity that’s vital to all living beings.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the cold pressing of olives cultivar “frantoio”, “moraiolo” and “leccino”, picked from the historical olive trees of the estate.

The tawny owl on the label is a symbol of the rich wildlife that lives with us.